I Miss My Father 'Veerendra' Very Much

Today is the birthday of Punjabi film superstar Veerendra.If Veerendra were alive today he would be 79 and the level of Punjabi cinema would be different. Veerendra was a diamond who gave a new level to Punjabi cinema with the brilliance of his art. Veerendra was a superstar of the 80's.
Randeep arya

Veerendra had two sons and a daughter. Veerendra's eldest son was Randeep Arya who earned a standing ovation from his friends during his college days that his father was an accomplished actor. Randeep was studying in college when the Sarpanch Film came out. He was often called by his friends and family members as if he looked like his father. It was a matter of great pride for him.

Randeep had told during an interview. Randeep says that all the 25 films made by his father Virender in 12 years were blockbusters. When he was shot dead by Punjabi militants in 1988, Veerendra died on the way to hospital and our family suffered greatly after the death of his father.At that time my father had plans to launch me. After my father's death, everyone was worried about what I should do.I decided to go to England where I worked as a model for three years. That time was very difficult for me. I was supposed to work with Gurdas Maan in the film Subedar but due to being in England I could not work.This film was being produced by my mother Pammi Ji.

At that time I was offered a lot of films but the subject was not good then because it was a film on Jattism.People were moving from Punjabi cinema to Bollywood. I worked in the Punjabi films Like  Ishq Nachave Gali Gali, then in Dulla Bhatti & Late release America.Apart from this, the production of Hindi films is also a matter of time.

          Late.Mother Pammi Veerendra 

In 2011 I made an idea for a movie about my father's life. I knew my father very well. I decided to show this idea in real life. Everyone told me that I look like my father Virender. And I should play a role in this biopic. I wanted to make this biopic in Hindi and also make Bollywood aware of this story. I had assembled a team of writers to script my father's biopic, the script was ready to depict my father Virender's 40 year journey to superstardom. But for some reason this film could not be made I'm sorry. I may have been able to make this film because of my advanced age. But still I will try my best to make this film and work on the body physically to get the character.On his father's birthday, he missed his father very much. May God give peace to their souls.

Husanpreet Dhimaan 

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