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In 1947, Tara Singh fled from Pakistan with his wife Sakina and Jeeta. Some scenes from Gadar 1 are shown in flashbacks at the beginning of the film which help to connect with the next story. Ashraf Ali is accompanied by his daughter Sakina and Tara Singh.Ashraf Ali is hanged for the crime of pardoning.

Tara Singh's life has changed a lot since 1947 in 1971. But Sakina and Tara's love and Tara Singh's truck have not changed. He wants to teach his son Jeeta but Jeeta lives in his own fun.

In 1971, against the backdrop of the "Crush India" campaign, Tara Singh went missing during a border skirmish and is believed to be imprisoned in Pakistan. Upon learning this, Tara's son Charanjit "Jeete" Singh goes to rescue her, but Tara is not in Pakistan and Jeete is imprisoned and tortured by Pakistani soldiers led by Major General Hamid Iqbal, who takes 40 of his men from Tara. Wants to take revenge for eliminating. This time handpump Tara Singh is not going to be uprooted. Can you tell by watching the suspense?

The director and producer of the film Anil Sharma has relaunched his son from gadar 2 . He knew that Sunny Deol's film does not have a big opening. Talking about the previous film, Sunny has only got an opening of 2-3 crores.Perhaps this is the reason why Anil Sharma budgeted 45-70 crores for this film including promotion, because he knew that even if the film flop, Tara Singh's fan follwing would be too much. The film will recover the budget by selling the rights. But the film earned 82 crores in two days, which the makers did not even think.

The film is light but good. One shortcoming that was seen was Sunny Deol's action scenes, which the audience felt was lacking in this film. The film showed the atmosphere of 1971 but it seems as if the film was made in today's time. This time the story is light from the storyteller of the film Shaktiman. The work of the star cast of the film is good.

Rating - 3/5